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Perfectionism is overrated.....

A few weeks ago I received a message that really meant a lot to me....

The message said,

"I just want to say that I think you're so stellar! I am so thankful every single day that I've been connected to you through this health and fitness journey! You're inspiring, real, honest, and that's what's so motivating. It's so easy to look at people in position like yours as "perfect" and "unrealistic" but you broke the mold! Thanks for providing so much support, your positivity, and for being so open to help others."

I thought about that message for a long time.

Because I struggled a lot with the fact that I am not "perfect. " I have battled self esteem issues for years, whether it was not feeling "good enough", anxiety issues, or body image issues. A relationship that I was in before I met my husband stole from me my self esteem and at times my worthiness, but I battled through and came out the other side.

But I still struggle sometimes.

Women are too hard on themselves.

And we often have unrealistic expectations.

How many times have you looked at a picture in a fitness magazine and wished you looked like her or compared your own progress to her? I am raising my hand up high because I have. I am often uncomfortable in a bathing suit around clients of mine or people who know me as the "fitness girl" because I do not look like those fitness models. I am very uncomfortable when I am with a group paddle boarding so I always leave a shirt on. I am always thinking about how people will judge me- I do not have flat abs or a 6 pack and I never will and fitness professionals are supposed to look perfect, right? They are supposed to be flawless, right?


I want to be real! I want to be honest! I want you to know that striving for perfection will always let you down! No one is perfect- not even those models in the fitness magazines. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to be HEALTHY and HAPPY. I want to enjoy treats every now and then but I will balance it with healthy eating and exercise. And that is what I want for you too!!

Be Strong.

Be Healthy

Be Happy


Stop obsession over your "imperfections".

Start living life.

Start nourishing your body with healthy foods.

Stop obsessing over the scale.

Start exercising.

Start speaking kind and loving words to yourself.

Love who you are, every bit of who you are.

Life is too short not to.

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