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CLASS SCHEDULE | Fierce Fitness &Wellness | Fitness For Women | Evans GA

Fierce Fitness Training for women is dedicated to helping women reach their maximum potential and challenging women to reach their personal best.


When you join Fierce Fitness Training, you join a community of women who are there cheering you on, never judging you, and always encouraging you to reach goals that you never thought were possible. It is much more than just fitness classes; when you attend, you join a family of women who are there to better themselves and you because nobody judges, only ENCOURAGES.

Fierce Fitness Training | Fitness For Women | Personal Training | Evans GA
Class Descriptions



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Aerial Yoga

Experience being completely supported by silk fabrics as we combine traditional yoga with the aerial arts! This beginner-level class introduces poses while using silk hammocks as a prop. Challenge your balance and strength in a new and exciting way, altering your perspective as you take the opportunity to turn upside down!

Fitness Class


F.I.T is a fun high-intensity interval training class that will get your heart pumping and your legs moving.

This class will help increase speed, power, and strength while improving coordination and agility—various tools such as agility ladders, jump rope, mini hurdles, Bosu, etc. This is a highly effective cardio and core workout to start your weekend out by torching calories and burning fat.

Yoga Class

Mobility Flow

Experience the dynamic power of Mobility Flow - a yoga form that seamlessly connects breath and movement, promoting better joint mobility and muscle performance. Enhance your range of motion, accelerate recovery, and prevent injuries with this all-level class. Join us to unleash your potential!

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Basic Training

Basic Training focuses on quality movement to improve strength, balance, and mobility in a safe and supportive environment that fosters an encouraging community where ALL fitness levels are welcome. This strength training based class is designed through various exercises to gain strength, reduce injuries, and improve quality of life. This is a low impact class with no complicated or confusing moves. Proper form will be addressed and taught in each class. 

Yoga Practice

Slow Flow

Experience the magic of a mindful fusion—strength and surprise. Serene, unhurried movements connect body and breath, blending Vinyasa Flow's fluidity with Hatha's tranquility. Enjoy more flow, fewer transitions, and the calming benefits of improved strength and flexibility. Unveil self-awareness, explore within, and transcend personal boundaries in this transformative practice.

Child's Pose

Wind Down Yoga

Wind down the day in a gentle, releasing flow.  You will focus on stretching and lengthening through breath and movement.  All levels are welcome!

Woman Practising Pilates


An off-the-barre seamless, high-energy ballet-inspired, Pilates-based total body workout designed to get your heart rate up and your muscles working hard with zero impact leaving you feeling amazing! All levels can & will benefit from adding this class to their program. It's a must-try!!

Fitness Class

Cardio Crunch

Get ready to burn some calories and sculpt your core in Cardio Crunch! This class incorporates high-intensity and core exercises to build cardiovascular fitness while improving muscular strength and endurance.

Yoga Pose

Gentle Flow & Restore

A gentle vinyasa-style flow that focuses on connecting breath and movement. This is followed by a deep stretch portion, that may use blocks and bolsters for a gentle release.  Suitable for all levels.

Yoga Class

Power & Peace Yoga

The perfect blend of heat & sweet. Class starts with a flow to warm and challenge you. Then we shift gears and finish class with long Yin holds to relax and reset. The combo will leave you feeling amazing! All levels are welcome. Feel free to bring any props you like for the Yin ( blocks, bolster, pillow, blanket), but it's not required.

Woman Working Out


Ripped is a strength training class for the upper body, back, and core. The class will be infused with HIIT bouts to spike the heart rate and increase calorie burn.

Indoor Yoga

Sunday Reset

A full-body Yin class designed to relax, reset and recharge both body and mind. Postures are held for between 3 and 8 minutes to allow us to target the deep tissues and fascia within the body, promoting healing and relaxation—an excellent counter to the stronger classes and daily life. You will leave feeling refreshed and ready to face anything that comes your way.

Yoga Practice

Yoga Stretch Express

A slower-paced 30 min class focusing on deep stretches and increasing mobility through longer holds and total-body stretches. This class provides a calm and relaxing space to let go of tension, focus on your breath, and let all your stresses disappear—all levels and beginner-friendly.

Fitness Equipments

Chisel & Burn

This 45 min boot camp-style training workout will sculpt all muscle groups using dumbbells, kettlebells, slam balls, TRX, Bosu, and other fun fitness tools.

Be prepared for super-effective strength moves that build firm and lean muscle, which is key to boosting your metabolism and heart-pumping cardio exercise to help torch calories and burn fat. Get ready for your fitness to get fired up!

Woman Jogging

Lower Body Burn

Join our Lower Body Burn class, designed for targeted strength training of the thighs, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. Experience bursts of heart-pumping HIIT to maximize calorie burn, followed by a core burnout. Suitable for all levels, we provide modifications and use equipment like dumbbells, bars, resistance bands, and steps for a challenging yet rewarding workout.

Yoga Session

Power Up & Flow Down

This powerful yoga hour is the perfect class to jump-start your weekend! It will focus on strength and balance while syncing breath to movement.  We will spend the first half flowing/ strength and then the second half slowing down and focusing on stretching and mobility work.

Yoga Lunge

Rise & Shine Yoga

Rise & Shine is a 45-minute flow and stretch for our early morning risers! This class is designed to wake the body up, stretch out stiff muscles, gently energize your body and focus your mind so you are ready to tackle the day ahead. You will flow, balance, strengthen, and stretch into a fantastic day! All levels are welcome!

Smiling Dancer


WERQ is a wildly addictive cardio dance workout based on trending pop and hip-hop music. Come shake your booty with us in a non-judgmental, fun environment with just the ladies!

Foam Roller

Roll It Out Yoga

Combines foam rolling and yoga to relieve muscle tension, improve mobility, aid in muscle recovery, reduce risk of injury, and relieve stress.  Bring your own foam roller and massage or tennis ball. We will use these props combined with yoga to release muscle tightness and improve flexibility.






2 Days/Week




















Fierce Fitness Training | Fitness For Women | Personal Training | Evans GA
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